Make Your House “Purchase Perfect” This Summer: 4 Quick Tips

Summer is an opportunity to display your home at it’s very best. The vibrant green of a well-kept lawn, the beckoning of outdoor spaces for rest and reflection and cooking on the grill. What’s not to love? Of course, here are a few, ahem, “concerns” to address before that for sale sign hits the front lawn. Make sure your home looks “purchase perfect” by acknowledging some of these troublesome items that could derail an open house or turn off a prospective buyer.

  1. Water drainage: We’ve had a rainy spring in the northeastern part of the country and with the ground in many places fully saturated, even homes that have never experienced the problems of excess water are now wondering if they are susceptible to potential damage. Sometimes it’s a nearby home or property with water run-off that has the potential to impact your own home.To assure a dry basement and yard, it’s worth consulting a professional to assess your risk before putting your home on the market. There are many products that can be discreetly installed and effectively keep water at bay such as grates and catch basins, channel drains and trenches, standard drains and water discharge emitters. Residential ResQ is one example of a company that can assess your risk and recommend preventive measures as well as solutions to any existing problems.Even the front yard and walkway contain plenty of options to create functional water drainage on your property. Check with a local expert.
  2. Critter control: Fortunately here in the Northeast, we don’t often have problems with snakes and other creepy crawlers that are prevalent in other parts of the US. (If you’re brave, watch this video of a snake at someone’s front door. Ugh.) Unfortunately, we’re not completely rodent and insect free, especially in the summer! When your home is inspected and treated for hornet nests, seasonal bugs, mice, ticks, carpenter bees and termites, it’s guaranteed insurance against any unexpected guests showing up at your open house or home showing. Plus, paperwork that proves you’ve maintained a pest control protocol tells the buyer that your home’s welfare is top notch no matter the season.
  3. Bird house fan or foe? Bird houses – Many people love birdhouses; others don’t care for birdhouses and the mess they can create without regular cleaning. To some, it’s a real turn off. Plus, dirty feeders can also have an odor, which can attract unwanted pests, such as wasps, raccoons, rats, and other visitors that will damage or destroy the feeder. Google “birdhouse maintenance” for tips to keep your birdhouses clean and attractive. A tiny detail, but something that can stand out in the summer and easily turn off an eager buyer.
  4. Creepy Lawn Ornaments: Everyone has a lawn ornament memory they just can’t shake. Whether it’s a positive memory of a wagon planter that you and your siblings sat on for a picture every summer or the neighbor’s creepy gargoyle that gave you nightmares, lawn planters and ornaments have much more staying power than expected. Do a careful walk through of your property, maybe even ask a friend to weigh in—is there anything on your lawn or deck that needs to go ? If you’d like for me to take a walk through your home to dole out advice for YOUR “purchase perfect” home this summer, give me a call: (203) 550 6082. Or send me an email.