3 Home Improvements Worth Their Resale Value

Winter brings out the nesting instinct. So once you can move away from your fireplace and hot chocolate – what house projects are you up for? Are you itching for some sledgehammer action a la Chip Gaines of Fixer Upper? Or is a complete style and color overhaul of one room calling your inner weekend warrior?

The best home improvements give you a feeling of accomplishment and increase the value of your home. Here are a few worthy of the pain, suffering and pennies that will likely deliver a resale return here in Greenwich, CT.

Add a Bathroom

Add a bathroom, add value. Every real estate listing starts with these two key stats: how many bedrooms and BATHROOMS. Little known secret to family harmony: one bathroom per teenager and spouse. It may seem excessive—until you’re the one desperately waiting to get in.

You can indulge your home improvement spirit animal and take on the job yourself, but it’s a good idea to talk with a contractor about your home’s layout and the best spot to add another bathroom. For a few hundred well-spent dollars, a contractor or designer can help you create a plan and avoid heinous pitfalls. Even a half bath added to the mudroom or off the kitchen adds resale dollars and keeps dinner guests from having to wander your home in order to find and use the facilities.

Return on investment: High

Update a Bathroom

Did you do a kitchen makeover recently? Your bathrooms are jealous. Lose the early aughts (or older!) décor and enhance your home’s market value. Functionality options for bathrooms are endless today and you’ll be amazed what you can accomplish in even the smallest spaces. Browse on HGTV.com, Houzz.com, or any of the big box home stores websites. Regardless of your budget or style, you’ll find endless bathroom cabinet, shower & tub options.

Return on investment: High

Get Rid of Rugs and Consider Hardwood, Laminates or Tile Flooring 

Modern flooring options offer great benefits: they are easier to clean, they don’t hold on to dust and dirt the way carpet does, and it’s a proven way to reduce allergens in the home. A definite plus for buyers and another update worth the investment.

Return on investment: High

Not up to those big changes but itching to start some renovations to get your house on the market? Consider these:

  • Paint the front door;
  • Install crown molding (try it in a bathroom and see how you like the results);
  • Consider implementing some tech: auto shades, charging stations, tv mounts, HVAC updates;
  • Clean out the linen closet and/or master closet and install better shelving.

I’m getting ready for spring too with new houses coming on the Greenwich market. Stay tuned! And do follow me on Facebook or Instagram.