Drones Help to Sell Your House Faster!

I’m going to write about drones here…now, don’t be afraid: drones are for good, not evil, when it comes to real estate. And one of the most intriguing developments in my business over the past few years has been the introduction of drone photography.

In August 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration loosened restrictions on the use of drones. Drone pilots don’t need an FAA pilot’s license, just a remote pilot certificate. So drones are now approved for limited commercial use.

Drone photography adds value. You’ve probably seen them used at live events or on websites that showcase a hotel or resort. Drone photographs and videos are a fantastic way to really see a property and the surrounding area.

Top Benefits of Using Drones to Sell Your Home:

1.    Prospective buyers can see the entire lot, the house next door, and even the entire neighborhood. (Drone photography is used well here – makes you want to move into this gorgeous Greenwich home, doesn’t it?)

2.    Drone footage is especially useful for large, unique properties that don’t photograph well from the ground.

3.    Since drone photography and videos are more engaging, people are more likely to spend longer looking at your property. (And, social media LOVES video.)

4.    Drone footage can span the beautiful landscape and convey the spectacular view from the deck—really giving the viewer a sense of a home’s personality.

5.    Show off Greenwich and Fairfield County, CT. Drone footage shows out-of-town potential buyers how unique and stunning our area truly is, which is a selling feature that can sometimes be difficult to articulate.

What are your thoughts?