Five Times in the Home Selling Process When You Won’t Like Me

The home seller/realtor relationship is a crucial element of my business. If we don’t trust each other, feel comfortable in each other’s presence—if you look at your phone and see that it’s me calling and you DON’T want to answer or if you look at your phone and wonder why I haven’t called to update you —I’m not doing my job well.

Good, consistent communication prevents issues before they start. So I start new home seller relationships with a promise—consistent communication, strong market analysis, and my honest assessment and advice.

It’s that last part – honest assessment and advice – that might lead you to disagree with my recommendations and maybe even get annoyed. I always treat my customers with respect, but it would be a disservice to tell them white lies that can delay or prevent the sale of their home—the outcome we both want.

So here are the five times during the house selling process that you might not like me:

  1. My price recommendation when the house is put on the market. I study the real estate market very carefully. I look forward to monthly real estate market reports the way other people look forward to Golf Digest. I understand the realities and trends of the market and work to offer my sellers the best possible price point.
  2. Clutter eats equity. Remove half of the stuff in your house to make it look open and inviting.
    Yes, it’s painful to figure out where to temporarily remove your collection of antique teapots or the stacks of bestseller balanced up against the study walls. It’s annoying to have to rent a storage unit to store your great-great-grandmother’s Victorian furniture (which is stacked in a guest room). The visual clutter has go. There is nothing potential buyers like more than the ability to picture themselves in the space they are going to buy with their own stuff.
  3. When I tell you your home is a unique property… expect it to take a longer than normal to sell. See above. I’m speaking from decades of experience. Certain properties take longer to sell. If your home includes a bowling alley, a medieval turret, a large workshop, pond or other unique feature, then you are searching for a buyer who is willing to pay for that element. So sometimes, it takes longer to find that person.
  4. Your bathroom, landscaping, flooring or paint needs an upgrade before you put it on the market. You want top dollar for your home. That’s what I want for you too. I’m going to be very realistic with you about what number will get your house sold in the timeframe you need. And, I’m also going to tell you what you need to do to your home we can go from listing to selling ASAP. An upgrade – not a complete renovation – can really make a huge difference. Yes, it costs money to replace counter tops and enhance landscaping – but you’ll sell your house faster and most probably get a higher price point.
  5. Hire a professional cleaner. I’m not insulting your home cleaning routine. People are busy. Selling a home is stressful. But you need to know that an immaculate home sells more quickly. Hire someone to give your home a deep clean. Plus, it’s relaxing to live in a really clean house, which will help with that stress.

Do you hate me already? Hope not! If you are the kind of home owner who likes honest assessment and clear communication, and you’re looking to sell your home in Greenwich or internationally, I very well may be the realtor for you. Learn more about me here.  And if you are on Facebook or Instagram, please follow me there.